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Our Mission at Fatakafashions.com

Our mission is to be a bridge between fashion designers and fashion lovers. Fataka (some people also spell it as 'Patakha' or 'Pataka') means a firecracker in Hindi and other regional languages of India like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. People light 'Fataka' or set off firecrackers during festive celebrations of Diwali or social events like weddings etc. in India and most other countries all over the world. In Punjabi slang it also means a hot girl. We feel Fashion Design or fashion creation also symbolises celebration, a splash of colour and a bang. Fatakafashions.com wishes to bring the creative flashes and bangs of fashion to everyone. We hope you will agree with us that Fatakafashions.com is an apt name for continued celebration of fashion creations and how fashion is linked in celebrating life.

So, what does Fatakafashions.com want to do?

Fatakafashions.com wishes to be a bridge between the Fashion Designers and Fashion Buyers. A fashion designer is successful only when his or her creations are brought to market and sold successfully. It is not an easy task, even if you have completed your fashion design degree and had your graduate show. As soon as you step out of the fashion university or institution, you do not have access to the support system that is usually available there. Building a fashion brand or a fashion label involves a lot many steps and activities and failure rate is quite high in fashion industry. We want you to succeed in building a successful and sustainable fashion brands.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers create brilliant clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and beauty products for fashion seekers and fashion lovers.

Fashion Consumers

All of us want to have designer, trendy clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, interiors and beauty products at affordable prices.


Fatakafashions.com has launched this online marketplace to act as a bridge between Fashion Designers and Fashion Lovers. Find designer products here.


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