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Our Mission

Fatakafashions.com's mission is to help fashion designers succeed globally by setting up an online marketplace and by offering mentoring and business support services. Our mission is to create the natural synergies between the creativity of fashion designers and our business support to create designer products.

We feel fashion designers' creativity supported with our online marketplace, fashion mentoring and fulfilment services will create a unique shopping experience for our fashion lover clients.

We want happy customers to experience bespoke luxury created by successful fashion designers. Fataka Fashion Synergies wishes to be a bridge between fashion designers and fashion consumers.

Fataka Fashions wishes to target the entire spectrum of fashion consumers with the help of entire range of designer products from top end bespoke luxury brands to fast fashions and all other products in between.

How do we plan to accomplish our Mission?

Online Marketplace for Fashion Designers - FatakaFashions.com

Fashion Designers are very creative professionals however, they need an online platform to sell their designer creations because it is not easy to get enough visitors to individual web sites or footfall to their boutiques. FatakaFashions.com is launching the online marketplace to help fashion designers reach global buyers for their products.

Mentoring & Business Support for Fashion Designers

When Fashion Designers come out of fashion institutions or universities, they have many ideas, but they may not have the experience or knowledge of running a fashion business. Fataka Fashions is creating a panel of successful fashion designers and other professionals as Mentors. Mentors will be free to decide their fee levels and also in selection of their Mentees and time they would like to spend on these activities.

Fulfilment Centre / Services

When fashion designers wish to reach out to global buyers, they need support for quick and efficient deliveries. FatakaFashions.com is setting up fulfilment centres in the UK and India to begin with and other countries will be included soon.

Coworking Space / Popup Shops for Fashion Designers and Fashion Incubator

Dedicated coworking space and creative facilities are planned for fashion designers. The team behind Fataka Fashions has many years of experience in Commercial Real Estate field as well and we feel these support services will help fashion designers take their business off the ground and grow.

Bespoke Fashion / High Luxury Lifestyle Membership

There is growing class of buyers who want something created exclusively for them. We believe true luxury fashion is not available off-the-shelf. FatakaFashions.com will offer bespoke fashion with the help of well-known celebrity fashion designers.

In short, we want to help fashion designers tell their story to their customers globally.