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Fatakafashion.com to launch 'Wings4Fashion', an event for independent designers during London Fashion Week

Fatakafashions. com to launch 'Wings4Fashion', an event for independent designers during London Fashion Week

June 28,2019 / London

Independent designer platform FatakaFashions.com will launch their International Fashion Event Wings4Fashion this September taking place simultaneously during the London Fashion Week. The prestigious event will showcase an array of emerging designer collections to key stakeholders and industry professionals at the Montcalm Hotel in Central London on September 14 & 15.

As the name suggests, the event encourages budding talents from across the world trying to make a mark for themselves in the fashion industry. The event is being organized as a Trade Event & Fashion Show London, an initiative by leading online marketplace for fashion FatakaFashions.com.

Wings4Fashion is being organised simultaneously during the London Fashion Week, as an off-schedule event, when the who's who of the global fashion industry will be in London, which will also grab a lot of eyeballs and footfall. So, if you are a fashion designer who is ready for their runway debut, do not miss this opportunity.

What makes the event so different from the other fashion events is the reason behind organising the event. "This is an opportunity for all those young designers who often for the lack of finances cannot participate at such global events," said Mr. D. Kadikar, founder and CEO of FatakaFashions.com. FatakaFashions.com is creating the level playing field for small and emerging fashion labels and brands. Usually, the cost to participate in fashion events is quite high. "At Wings4Fashion, the cost is highly moderated. The actual cost of participating here is just a fraction of what you would pay at other global fashion events, or if you try to organise your own show during LFW, the costs may run into tens of thousands of pounds," added Mr. D. Kadikar.

The event expects various stakeholders including fashion incubators, mentors, trade buyers, bloggers, media, to remain present during the event. There will also be an opportunity for fashion designers to pitch for funding and mentoring support from the panel of successful fashion industry veterans. Networking event and one-to-one meetings with wholesale buyers will also be organised. "The event will prove to be the launchpad for the many UK-based as well as international fashion designers," added Mr. Kadikar.

About FatakaFashions.com:

FatakaFashions.com is an online one-stop solution for all things fashion. The online marketplace gives an opportunity to fashion designers and fashion lovers to interact with each other. FatakaFashions.com also offers a platform for fashion mentoring and business support facilities from successful business partners. We want the designers to focus on what they do best - creating inspiring luxury and bespoke fashion.

For further information and to register your interest, contact us at +44 560 384 5017 or send us an e-mail at [email protected] You may also visit our website on https://fatakafashions.com/london-fashion-event-14-15-september-2019.html

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