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Why List Your Products on Online Fashion Marketplace by FatakaFashions.com?


Product Combination

    You can offer Product Combination i.e. an option to add combinations to their products


Shipping & Delivery

    You can add your Delivery and Shipping options, which means you can continue to use same delivery options, if you already have contracts or you can select the options offered by us.


Flexible Pricing & Discounts

    You can add different discounts on your products based on various parameters which allows you to offer additional benefits to your clients


Multiple Products Upload

    You can upload multiple products at the same time with the help of a CSV file, which we can send to you or you can download from your seller admin section


Customisation / Bespoke Fashion

   You can offer Customisation to your products or offer Bespoke design functionality.


Cash on Delivery

   You can offer 'Cash on Delivery' facility to your clients


Search Engine Friendly Listing

   Your product listings will be Search Engine Friendly listing enabling better ranking. Also, since the Marketplace will have many products from many fashion brands, our listings will be ranked higher in search results

We keep adding new features to provide you full control to make sure that you have full control on your product listings on FatakaFashions.com