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About Fataka Fashion Synergies Ltd. - FatakaFashions.com

Fatakafashions.com is an online marketplace for Fashion Designers to help them succeed in a highly competitive fashion industry.

Launched by a team of successful entrepreneurs and helped by successful fashion industry veterans from UK, USA and India, we wish to help growing fashion designers in reaching out to their target audiences most efficiently and effectively.

We offer:

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Worldwide Delivery Options
  • Money back guarantee
  • Fashion Mentoring Services
  • Fulfillment Services (Soon)
  • CoWorking for Fashion Designers (Soon)

Our team

The team at Fatakafashions.com is passionate and dedicated to creating a global marketplace and an online platform where fashion designers and fashion users can easily communicate to create great fashion. Our team includes veterans from fashion industry, IT & Web Services, international business & finance and is supported by a team of very successful and professional business advisors and mentors. The team is aware of the problems and obstacles faced by fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs and wishes to help designers to sustain and grow. We want you to concentrate on creating fabulous fashion and leave the rest of nitty-gritty to fatakafashions.com.

D. Kadikar - Founder & CEO - MBA with 30+ years international business experience.

Premal Badiani - Fashion Designer & Mentor - NY Fashion week designer, the Indian-American haute couture and celebrity fashion designer and Fashion Mentor

Tanvi Shah - CTO - Electronics Engineer with 18 years IT industry experience in Software and Web systems development

Hitesh Varma - CIO - IT Engineer with 10+ years' experience in IT Infrastructure, Systems and IT Security

We also have a team of highly successful team of advisors and mentors to help us deliver best selling experience for fashion designers and buying experience for fashion lovers.