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New products

New products

Bespoke Fashion Designers

We are glad you are interested in knowing how Fataka Fashions fashion marketplace works and how you can easily start selling designer fashion online.

We are creating a level playing field so that fashion designers, fashion labels and fashion brands can reach out to global audiences.

Whether you are starting up in the industry or whether you are an established fashion brand, you can successfully launch your designer apparel, fashion accessories, luxury handbags, elegant jewellery and beauty products online on FatakaFashions.com without much of an effort.

Whether you have started with only collection or whether you are a fashion label with a few collections or whether you are a very popular global fashion brand, every designer, label and brand gets equal importance and exposure on our marketplace and designer outlet.

While we are not charging any fees to list and upload your products, we charge 10% commission on sales to begin with, which may change in future. Sellers or Brands are responsible for the shipping and delivery and can decide what logistics option they wish to offer to their clients. Sellers are also responsible for their returns and refunds policies.

We provide details of the entire process for your easy reference:

01. Signing up as a Seller:

Please visit Seller Registration and complete the seller registration form. We will review your details and approve you as a seller or may seek further details from you after visiting your web site etc.

Alternatively, if you are already registered as a Buyer with us, you may be able to request to join as a seller from 'My Account' area when you are logged in.

02. Terms and Condition of use:

Our usual Terms and Conditions are available on the site online and any changes to the terms will be made to these. While we may inform you of the changes via email, we suggest that you bookmark the 'Terms and Conditions' page and visit it when required.

03. Uploading Shipping and Delivery Options:

When we receive an order for any of your products, you are expected to arrange the Shipment / Delivery of the order as promptly as possible. Hence, you need to list all the shipping options you wish to offer to your clients. Some options may be 'Next Day Delivery', 'Standard Delivery', 'Express Delivery' etc. for the domestic and international deliveries.

You should also specify Order Value for Free Domestic Delivery and Free International Delivery options. So if you are based in the UK, you may specify 'Free Delivery on Orders Over £30' or 'Free International Delivery on Orders Over £300' etc. These are just thresholds and you are free to decide your delivery charges.

If you wish us to help with updating your shipping options, please contact us so that we can send the excel file template for you to complete and return back to us. We will then update your shipping and deliveries options.

04. Uploading Products, Images, Descriptions and Special Offers:

You will be required to upload products, images, product descriptions and special offers like special discount etc.

Multiple Products: If you have many products and would want us to help with mass upload of the same, please contact us and we will send you an excel file template for the same.

We will upload your products on the site and inform you to check the same.

Please make sure that you use search engine friendly product titles and descriptions else you may not get your products indexed by major search engines. Our team is working very hard to get the product listings in front of fashion lovers who are looking for your designer products or products similar to your products.

05. Adding Special Offers or Discounts:

You can offer discounts or other include other special offers for all your products or for only a few products and you can decide the validity period of those offers.

If you face any problem with this, please get in touch with us.

06. Arranging Delivery:

When we receive an order for one or more of your products, the details will be emailed to you so that you can process the shipment. Since most designer products are expensive, we would like to suggest using 'Tracked and Signed For' or 'Tracked' delivery option.

When you have the Tracking Reference Number, please update the details from your Shop Dashboard area, so that the buyer will receive an email with tracking information.

07. Confirming the product delivery:

When the product is delivered, please update the Order Status as Delivered.

08. Payment to you:

When the 'Returns Period' is over after Delivery, we will deduct our commission as agreed and hold the money with us till the periodic payment cycle is due.

If you have any queries about how we work or need any more details or clarifications, please use the Contact Us form or contact us by email.

We look forward to welcoming you on the fast-growing fashion marketplace. We hope to be part of your global growth story.