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Marketplace for Fashion Designers with emphasis on Bespoke Fashion

FatakaFashions.com launches a Fashion Marketplace as one-stop platform for Fashion Designers and Independent Fashion Brands

London, Mar 17, 2019 - FatakaFashions.com launches a Fashion Marketplace as a one-stop platform for Fashion Designers and Independent Fashion Brands

The FatakaFashions.com marketplace not only provides the facility to list designer fashion goods free, it also provides a direct link to mentors – many of whom are also very successful fashion designers – business experts, fashion marketing experts, and resources to help emerging fashion brands succeed in the United Kingdom, USA, India, and global markets.

FatakaFashions.com is a one-stop shop for designers seeking to sell their bespoke and fast fashion products at a low cost of 10% commission on sales to receive advice and guidance in positioning their businesses for growth in the complex domestic and international fashion market.

According to Founder and CEO of Fataka Fashion Synergies Limited, UK, Mr. D. Kadikar, "Fashion industry is fiercely competitive and without proper help and business support many creative fashion start-ups will be forced to close down operations in the first couple of years. Creativity and enthusiasm are not enough to survive in the Fashion Industry and fashion designers and fashion brands need constant support. In an industry as competitive as Fashion, finding something that no one has done before is very difficult or almost impossible."

This is where an online fashion marketplace with added services of mentoring, fulfillment services, co-working, and networking facilities may mean a difference between success and failure for a fashion label.

Fashion designers and labels are under constant pressure to get more footfall to their boutiques and eyeballs to their online shops and must innovate and reach wider markets than ever before. The traditional approach to designing products and selling them to individuals or trade buyers is not working for most fashion startups. The FatakaFashions marketplace will help designers, retailers, and brands to reach international audiences and quickly receive feedback on their products and designs.

FatakaFashions.com is backed by celebrity fashion designer Ms. Premal Badiani of PremalBadiani.com, who is also associated with New York Fashion Week, highly experienced IT professionals, mentors belonging to Fashion and Venture Funding industry and commercial real estate.

Fatakafashions.com welcomes emerging fashion brands in clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and beauty products.

To learn more about Fataka Fashion Synergies Limited (FatakaFashions.com), visit www. FatakaFashions.com or follow @FatakaFashions on Twitter.

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