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RSS Feeds for Fashion Designers and Brands

If you are short of time and always on the go, you can keep up to date with new luxury products, fashion brands joining Fataka Fashions Marketplace and content about latest fashion trends, on FatakaFashions.com using our RSS feeds. You can easily add an RSS feed to a compatible reader or web browser to receive instant notification of new addition of content to the website.

Each feed entry displays a title / headline, description and link / URL where you will find the product on our site. RSS feeds are the simple and free way to access the content that is important to you, as soon as it becomes available.

RSS (really simple syndication) service is a means of offering feeds of grouped or curated content in XML format ("RSS Content") to visitors of FatakaFashions.com. Use of these RSS feeds is governed by our terms of use.

Most modern web browsers support RSS feeds and can detect relevant RSS feeds with the facility to add them automatically if you wish to do so.

RSS reader applications work in the same way as RSS enabled browsers, but run on your PC or Mac as standalone software. If you prefer to read RSS feeds on the web, they can be added via many dashboard tools, such as Google Reader, Bloglines and My Yahoo!

Most popular CategoryCopy following URL to RSS readerRSS
Clothing for Him http://bit.ly/RSS-Feed-For-Clothing-For-Him rss.png
Clothing for Her http://bit.ly/RSS-Feed-for-Clothing-for-Her rss.png
Fashion Accessories http://bit.ly/RSS-feed-for-Fashion-Accessories rss.png
Designer Shoes http://bit.ly/RSS-Feed-for-Designer-Shoes rss.png
Designer Bags http://bit.ly/RSS-Feed-for-Designer-Bags rss.png
Beauty Products http://bit.ly/RSS-Feed-for-Beauty-Products rss.png
Designer Jewellery http://bit.ly/RSS-Feed-for-Designer-Jewellery rss.png