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Mr. Giorgio Armani's 5 Golden Rules for Eveningwear | Fashion Tips from Grazia Luxe Issue

Mr. Giorgio Armani's 5 Golden Rules for Eveningwear. Fashion Tips from Grazia Luxe Issue November 2018. Fashion Tips and Guides on Fatakafashions.com - creating fashion synergies globally! Fashion Designers, share your Tips and Ideas

Mr. Giorgio Armani's Five Morden Rules of Eveningwear (As published in Grazia Magazine - Luxe Issue)

01. Try a tux

'A tuxedo on a woman is particularly seductive.'

02. Take one thing off before you leave the house

'One piece of advice I always give to women that before they go out for an evening, they should take a quick look in the mirror mirror and ask themselves whether there is anything they could remove. It may be the key to looking more elegant. Excess is often a way of disguising personality. Far better that the personality shines through.'

03. Never overdo it

'Make-up should be natural, not excessive, and a gown should not reveal too much of the body. '

04. Team a gown with pares-back accessories

'A long gown worn with the right accessories - flat shoes for a fluid stride and a small refined bag - is a great, timeless combination.'

05. Be yourself

'I have always believed that there is no beauty without personality and intelligence: real beauty is a harmony of body and mind. I think it is important know how to make the best of things. It's all about attitude and being natural - being yourself is the ultimate weapon. I want the Armani women to feel like herself, first and foremost: beautiful, strong, and elegant.`

Source and Copyright : Grazia Magazine - Luxe Issue Dated 18/11/2018


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